I'm the (new) girlfriend of a deployed US Army paratrooper, living in France and trying to figure out all of this... Bear with me!!

When Smarty pants goes to war...

Somewhere to vent, ask and receive advice on being an Army girlfriend, deployment and everything in-between and beyond...





And this doesn’t have more notes than a half naked girl becauseee?

because people are ignorant and heartless.



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Jake Miller - First Flight Home


The USS Budweiser. TFM. 

Happy 4th July!!!

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I feel the same, Homer… All the food I’m craving right now…

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oh yeahh that is one thing I love!!

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Sick of deployment

This deployment is wearing on me. In the last 3 weeks, I was able to talk to Smarty Pants less than 2 hours in total through IM. I miss him so much, and at the same time I feel angry, sad and jealous. I just wish this deployment was over already!